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Trump Lies feature and “I am not a Bro” Rant


‘splaining the anti-bro

OK, well sometimes you just try things that don’t work. Like the “Trump Lies” feature I had going for a few weeks here on the blog. Honestly. I can’t keep up with the consummate lying professional. That, plus there are many many people whose job it is is to keep track of what the President says and decide on the truthfulness (or lack of it) and then write it up.

So I’m gonna bail on that idea. I’ll leave the posts already done up; pretty much you can read any newspaper in the country to catch Trump’s lie of the day. Pretty much everything he says 24/7.

The other part of this post is my “I am not a bro” rant, which I wrote the other day and thought to put at the head of my LinkedIn bio. But I haven’t as yet. I wrote this after reading this article about bro culture at startup companies.

I am not a bro. Far from it; you could call me the anti-bro. In fact, I am a 62-year-old single gay male with 50 years in the workforce, if you count my first paper route at 12—and why wouldn’t you—as it was work (so there, you have answers to those nagging questions that came up when you saw my head shot).

            I have many skills from those 50 years no one puts on their resume which include: knowing how to talk on the phone, knowing how to write a memo, knowing how to spell (and knowing how to look a word up that I’m not sure about), knowing how to show up to work on time and behave in a corporate or small business environment, knowing how to accept a task and complete it within the required time frame.

            I’m just really sick of ageism; hence the rant before the qualifications. I do believe, however, there are companies out there that value the experience, competence and wisdom a lifetime of work will give to someone.

            I don’t want to retire; I like being busy and I’m most like my aunt, who died at 92 still an active employee of a huge bookstore chain. Would consider relocation. Now on to the qualifications:

But, I didn’t post it. Wonder if I should. Too petulant? Or is it funny?


KEPT: 10 Things Consumed in the Novel


Say what? Yes, you read that right. Here is a list of the first ten unique things I could find in my novel “Kept” which were consumed or offered to the characters, food or drink or something else, as long as it went in by way of mouth:

    • Beer – in this case, Tooheys New, an Australian brand.
    • Whiskey, cheap, as a lubricant for a reporter source, put in:
    • Coffee, from an indie coffee cart in a dead mall
    • Chai, or the hint of it, on someone’s breath
    • Cock, yes penis, in this case it’s Connor’s being consumed by Sy
    • Breath Mints, as in the dish Vi keeps by her door (you were thinking they were for Sy?)
    • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Locker Hurst eating this while talking to his mother, Vi








  • Corn Bread (one item of a Jacy Martin breakfast)
  • Bacon (the other item of a Jacy Martin breakfast)
  • Indian cake (old style, made from mesquite seed pods, which Kaya is grateful she doesn’t have to make as a modern Native American woman)

Survey says basically you won’t get fat on this “Kept” diet. But you might get ornery and commit some heinous crime.


Self-Publishing Update #6 “Kept”


KEPTcover1Things are rolling along with “Kept.” The book is still due to be launched March 20, and I’m now in the thick of putting marketing tasks together – which is why I’ve not had a new blog post in a couple of weeks. That and because: holidays, you know. No one feels like working. Do they?

So these self-publishing update posts are hopefully helpful for those either going that route themselves or contemplating it. As I’ve said before in various places, it’s as much work to market and launch a book appropriately as it is to write one. Since I’m only one person and can’t buy marketing services, I have to pick and choose very carefully those tactics I think will give me the most bang for my slim sheaf of bucks.

Books like the one I’m launching, “Kept” – very much in the genre category, an LGBT title subcategory, mystery/suspense – well, these things live and die by peer reviews. Yes, the book will be available in bookstores, but the vast majority of sales will be electronic copies, e-books, likely bought on or perhaps on So it’s peer reviews, and reviews in general that I’m focusing efforts on.

The tactics are:

Advance Review Copies to be sent to people who, in return for a free book, promise to post an online short review the day of launch, March 20.

A blog tour, where I hope to get additional publicity and reviews, to be scheduled that third week in March. I’m currently looking for a blog tour company to handle this; so far have been unsuccessful. Most do the romance genre or YA titles, there’s no one focusing specifically on LGBT titles (hint to self: future business opportunity?)

A Goodreads Giveaway, which is like it sounds, a book giveaway on the popular site, which is all about readers.

reading tour, which is mostly about fun, and will likely be limited to California and possibly locales nearby (Tucson, anyone?) – so I’m investigating places to do that.

Targeted traditional press – Will be looking for reviews or features in LGBT publications that publish in English, as well as a few places in Palm Springs, as this book is set there and that would be fun.

Social Media updates – besides this blog, I’ll be posting updates on Facebook and tweeting the book, as I did with “The Forest Dark.”

Contests – I’ll enter a few book contests. You never know with these but again they’re fun and great publicity if you happen to win or to place as a finalist or runner-up.

What else? What am I leaving out that I should put in my mix?  Love to hear your ideas. Also, I have my own list of folks who are getting Advanced Review Copies, but if you happen to see this and want one (remember, it’s a free book in exchange for an online review) shoot me a note and we’ll get you a copy.

The Mothership is Down!


Sorry, folks, for not posting in the last week or so. My laptop computer had a huge fail, and it’s been sent to Happy Apple Repair Land.

Didn’t want you to think that I’d been eaten compromised by Mr. P-22.

Hope to have that darned machine back in a couple of days to post anew.

Enjoying Los Angeles Arts and Culture Without a Car


La Cienega/Jefferson Station on the Expo Line

Step-by-step intrux on how to: How to Enjoy L.A. Arts and Culture Without a Car.

Thoroughly enjoyed this enlightening and entertaining story by Alissa Walker in the L.A. Weekly blog. It’s really a blog post about a book, Car Free Los Angeles and Southern California, by Nathan Landau, a transit planner.

Walker, who navigates L.A. every day car free, writes about Landau’s ideas as how they work for a skeptical resident as well as someone visiting or a casual tourist. Both authors emphasize how Los Angeles public transportation has and is being improved, seemingly on a monthly basis — for instance, this week (on Saturday, April 28) the Expo Line light rail opens. Not only will this be the first light rail link to the west side in 50 years, it will also take one to museums in Exposition Park and some nice restaurants in Culver City.

I recently had the opportunity to show my brother and his family some sights of L.A. in one day – and we did make use of the Red Line subway for part of the trip. Sightseeing Goal: Staples Center. We didn’t need to park downtown, and we didn’t need to get on the Hollywood Freeway. That in itself, I’m sure, lowered my blood pressure a few points. Continue reading

Moto Bellissima! Italian motorbikes!


The Blogger at the Exhibit

While in San Francisco over the weekend, we (the fab cousin and I) went to see the Moto Bellissima, which is actually on display at the airport (SFO Museum). Many of the 1950s-60s Italian motorbikes were on loan from my friend Stewart Ingram, who is a collector extraordinaire of these kinds of classic motorcycles.

Even for someone as mechanically un-inclined as I am, the visual pleasure of these machines is palpable, even under glass. Makes me want to go out and buy a Vespa or something! Anyway, if you’re flying in or out of SFO before July (when the exhibit goes down), the bikes are in the International Terminal.

Ciao bella!

Moto Bellissima!

Bikes on Display

Bikes on Display

Bikes on Display

Moto Bellissima!

Bikes on Display

Bikes on Display

Bikes on Display


The Last Movember Update


Jim's moustache on November 30, 2011

So here it finally is, this last day of Movember, how far this thing has grown. I started late, so it’s not quite as spectacular as it could have been, but what the hell. It’s for a good cause.

My moustache (Mo) has no doubt generated some laughs; all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds for cancers affecting men.

Why am I so passionate about men’s health?

*1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime (yeah, like me!)
*A man is diagnosed with prostate cancer every 2.2 minutes
*1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
*24% of men are less likely to go the doctor compared to women

Please support my efforts by making a donation at
You can even write a check payable to “Movember Foundation”, reference my name and Registration Number 2620200 and send it to: Movember Foundation, PO Box 2726, Venice, CA 90294-2726.

We only have a month to grow Mo’s and raise awareness and funds, so please come along for the ride.

Funds raised will help make a tangible difference to the lives of others. Through the Movember Foundation and their men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, Movember is funding world class awareness, research, educational and support programs which would otherwise not be possible.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please click on the links below:

About Movember

Prostate Cancer Foundation research
Global Action Plan

Thank you for donating at and for helping me change the face of men’s health.

Movember progress, November 26, 2011


Marie et Cie, November 26, 2011

Cannot Wait till the Damn Month is Over! Ha ha ha!

Jim’s Movember Donation Page!

Please consider donating $5 (or more) to Movember, by clicking the link above.

Your donation supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG, and the Movember Foundation, all working the fight against male cancers.

I am a cancer survivor. Thank you for your generosity during this Movember campaign!

Movember progress, November 18, 2011


stache on November 18, 2011

Jim’s Movember donation area

It’s getting a little longer, a little darker…

Please consider donating $5 (or more) to Movember, by clicking the link above.

Your donation supports the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG, and the Movember Foundation, all working the fight against male cancers.

Thank you – and join me in growing a moustache – to sign up.

Steve Honig: I am an American P.O.T. (Prisoner of Technology)


link: Steve Honig: I am an American P.O.T. (Prisoner of Technology).

My good friend and colleague Steve Honig has started writing a column for the Huffington Post!

Steve and his team had the Dolby account when I was there, so I’ve known him since those days I lived in San Francisco. Since then, he’s gone on to have great success in his own company, and lately has become quite the expert in crisis communications.

I really liked this tale of unplugging in Paris. I kept thinking of “Free Man in Paris,” the Joni Mitchell song which is supposed to be about David Geffen, her manager at the time. It was hugely popular when I was in college, and, let’s just admit it, who among us would not want to be a free man in Paris, unfettered, alive, sipping cafe au lait in a lovely bistro and adjusting one’s scarf, pausing to jot down a story idea in the Moleskin?

I’ve occasionally thought how nice it would be to get rid of the smart phone (and the bill that comes with it) and not be that slave to email, to texting, to browsing, to podcasts, to app heaven or app hell.

But, as Steve points out in his story, it’s hard to go back. In fact, while not impossible, it seems impractical. I’ve got an app that reads bar codes and comparison shops for me (Red Laser). I’ve got an app that books a cab for me (Taxi Magic). And of course, I have an app that potentially could find me a date (Scruff). What would I ever do without these? I’d truly be lost.

With my Iphone, I will never be lost as long as the GPS thing works. One small comfort in these very uncertain times.