I did not unfriend you. I unfriended Facebook.


So, don’t worry if you were. I still like you, I really really do!

It was just time — I’ve done this before and come back, but with the recent revelations of the theft of my data “I am the product!” I don’t need to sully my life with Facebook on a daily basis.

To be honest, it’s been awful for awhile, but that’s ramped up since the Trump election. Facebook, or my feed, is a poisonous swamp of ads, dubious “news” stories, kitty videos, unhinged Trump rants (on both sides), scary predictions of our demise by nuclear war, ecological disaster, supernatural intervention, and all the rest. I just can’t stand it.

I have some fear of missing out (FOMO) chiefly involving local events in LA, so I will just have to find sources other than Facebook. I don’t know, it all worked for the 27 years I lived in Los Angeles before the first time I joined Facebook.

I assume I will survive. You can contact me here via any of the contact links. Thanks.