Gay Bar Rejection!



Oh yes. I got a kick out of this, even if I am a little late for Valentine’s Day! I do suppose the experience of rejection is similar no matter what one’s orientation might be, but I, of course, am more familiar with the gay brand of rejection.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen much anymore because I don’t have enough energy go out much anymore! But if I did… also don’t drink and don’t smoke, though I did enjoy Robbie Joe Banfitch’s tutorial vicariously – it’s true, imbibing and smoking something does dull this pain of rejection.

From where I sit at 50+, it’s hard to believe somebody who looks like Robbie gets rejected much at all – so if it happens to him, is there any hope for the rest of us? They might as well tack up a sign over the door which reads “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”

Oh, and Robbie Joe: 1) Welcome to East Hollywood, and 2) that shirt really wasn’t too tight. In fact, just leave the shirt off altogether. If you want.

If not, there’s always the kitty. Or the dog. Or the other kitty.