The Forest Dark


FDentirecover - Version 5THE FOREST DARK

Second Place, ReaderViews Literary Awards 2014




In 1984, during L.A.’s frenetic Summer Olympic Games, conservative co-ed Eden von Eiff befriends young gay man Noah Baldock and his boyfriend Ronnie. Becoming fast friends, Eden feels like the inconvenient third wheel until she meets Ruben – and little does she know that Noah also has his eye on the handsome Cuban. Nevertheless, after a wild summer, she’s pregnant, and struggles to keep her secret from her famous family back east. Noah offers Eden a solution to an enormous problem — which she can’t, in the end, accept.

Twenty-five years later in 2009, these two Boomers struggle to come to grips with the choices they made long ago. Eden’s biological son, Louie, is now a social media star with an eye on Reality TV. Noah struggles with both job loss and his odd “friend” Jivan, who seems to hold a mysterious power over him. Eden regrets not being part of Louie’s younger life and would like to change that, but doesn’t know how.

Thinking their troubles have mostly to do with middle age, the wrecked economy or professional failure, both are tested in ways they could not have predicted and thus discover what it is that’s important, and what it is that lasts.


Amos Lassen Review, June 26, 2013

  “There is a tongue-in-cheek feel to Arnold’s writing that makes it such a fun read.”   

Reader Views review, February 2014

    “Jim Arnold’s The Forest Dark captured me right from the beginning. Jim has created a cast of characters that are totally loveable, and you love to hate them all at the same time. Flawed, real-life characters bring to the table their own problems and mysteries.”

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The Forest Dark was a finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Contest.


Readings at homo-centric at West Hollywood Book Fair (2011). 


Palm Springs Pride Author’s Village, November 2013