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Jim Arnold - 015 retouchedI’m a novelist and business writer who lives and blogs in Los Angeles. Should you stumble upon the site, I hope you enjoy reading.

If you’re looking for my B2B Writing Practice, please go to Jim Arnold Communications. If you’re looking for my fiction, please go to Eureka Street Press.

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2 thoughts on “About Jimbolaya

  1. Darren

    Wow the latest post about the healthcare in CA is great. I am a diabetic in MI and recently was afforded insurance due to Obama-care at least until I turn 26 in June. That’s fine and dandy but what will I do after that? They consider my type 1 diabetes a pre-existing condition and in the pas the only insurance company that approved me was going to charge me more per year then they were going to cover in prescription coverage. Without insurance the medicine that I need to stay alive will cost me over $800 a month, so I can somewhat relate with the gentleman in the video although it is not the same. On top of all of this the first time I tried to get prescriptions with my current insurance they denied all of them until I called and explained why I needed my insulin! Seems crazy to me. Doctors don’t prescribe insulin unless you need it to stay alive, or at least thats my thinking. Anyways enough of my ranting. I just wanted to say that I thought what you were doing was great. Keep up the good work bringing awareness and responsibility to our “leaders”. Thanks again.


    1. JimArnoldLA Post author

      Thanks, Darren, for the comment. It’s a crazy system and I hope it gets better for everyone – sooner rather than later. I have a relative in the same circumstances you find yourself in. I believe that eventually we will have single payer in the US, or Medicare for everyone. The costs of health care will just, at some point, force that. My best to you, Jim A.

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