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A Few Things Following Male Models on Instagram Taught Me


OK, I’ll admit it: I’m a middle-aged gay man lusting over a number of sweet young Instagram things who have the unmitigated audacity to post endless photos of themselves naked, or nearly naked, or in the throes of their latest physical exploits or modeling sessions. And, dear reader, of course, I am hooked. This is so much better than making friends on Facebook. No, no need to ever pretend to be interested in someone’s political opinion just so they’ll keep you as a “friend” and “like” you; Instagram is pure sexy voyeur heaven.

Some insights (besides the propensity to waste time ogling):

  • You can learn a new language: Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and more
  • Models can be just as boring as anyone. Repeated blurry and dark videos of club nights. Boring. Repeated videos or photos of smoothies. Also boring. Repeated images of high protein meals. Super boring!
  • Endless views of your workout routine also do get boring. Exceptions: bicep workouts. Butt workouts.
  • Silent Movie Syndrome: yes, model, your voice can sink you. When in doubt, use the silent approach or do the music-over option. Don’t be responsible for bursting my lust bubble, you manly-man you!
  • They like to show off their dogs and cats as much as anyone on the Internet. Many of these beauties seem to live alone yet they have a pet or pets with personality plus.
  • Who are the unsung heroes or heroines taking the pictures? Many are selfies, sure; but many are not. Are these behind-the-scenes folks partners or roommates or paid assistants? Interns? I think that’s an interesting story in itself.
  • Gorgeous boys can be lonely too. I see it in the faces of their “lights out” photos, I see it in the empty gyms they haunt at all hours of the night (and early morning), sometimes I see it blatantly when they complain about having no one. So I guess there’s a message there for all of us.
  • Mostly what I love is the infectious optimism of youth. I think that comes through loud and clear for all these guys (maybe not with every post!) and I find it quite inspiring. KEEP POSTING PLEASE!

Looking for guys to watch? Here’s a current list of my favorite males to follow on Insta (not in any order!):

ranajo – a Brazilian model-type guy from Bahia. In addition to the usual swimwear mega-eye candy, he also shoots lots of little videos of him and his friends dancing and singing. It has a wonderful youthful Brazilian spirit to it all and you can compile a Brazilian holiday calendar, too.







Lap_NYC – He is probably my favorite. He’s a dancer/model, possibly from Israel (?) originally, working on Instagram to model underwear. Lucky us. Also surprisingly gentle and moody and kind of wistful, which I like. Secret: I found youtube videos of him on what appears to be the Israeli version of “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s great, find it.







broganNYC – At first glance – well, sorry, BROgan, I don’t want to be stereotypical, but — he looks like a typical Chelsea or WeHo trophy boy. Except that – he’s nice and he’s really silly! And he has a cute boyfriend he poses with while they eat ice cream in bed! This is the guy you’d think would never talk to you, but his videos indicate anything but that kind of attitude. That’s what I love about it, he turns this exclusionary stereotype on its ear. Bravo, Brogan!






caseyfieldNYC — Casey appears to be the most down-to-earth and professional of the models listed here. He has a superb sense of humor and gives fun little workout and diet tips in his NY accent as he walks around the big city. Always cheers me up.








corkswag — I think Corkswag is a dancer/actor here in L.A. He may also be a go-go boy. In fact, I think he is a go-go-boy. He’s also a major tease but he’s so cute who can hardly blame him? Not me, certainly. And those teeth! Those nipples!








faalbe — see above, I’m learning Italian. Is he a dancer? Not sure. Lots of annotated pictures of male pulchritude with Italian words so see, I am learning. Italian men in their underwear teaching across the waters. So grateful.








coelhorodrigo – the awesomely enterprising beauty of Rio de Janeiro! He is insanely gorgeous, I think he’s a model/stylist and also a jewelry designer. He travels around Brazil a lot for his work and shoots it so you get to see a lot of that beautiful country on Rodrigo’s posts. There’s also more perfect teeth.







watchjoego — His bio says San Diego but I think he’s usually posting from L.A. He’s one of those who goes to the gym at 4 in the morning. If that’s what it takes to look like he does, I’d do that too, well, if I was 25. Thank god I’m old because I have no desire to be that anymore. But I love looking at Joe! He’s also very upbeat – reminding me of one reason to love young men, because they are OPTIMISTIC. I like that.






oddlyshouseofenough (gets the prize for best moniker). I don’t know if I could ever see enough of this man. I think this one is local too (SoCal) but the first photo I saw of him was where he appeared to be on a stripper pole that someone had in their kitchen. His own, perhaps? There are also some photos of this guy in leather that are stunning.







jakejacob01 is a more recent find. Just a really hot guy who posts great pictures of his awesome self, sometimes with his boyfriend, sometimes not. I think he lives in Texas.








kevincarnell is another beauty. I honestly don’t know how bodies like this happen, though I suspect they take an insane amount of dedication, good nutrition, and good genes to help that process. I certainly love seeing the results. Do not miss this one!








johnmacconnell is an artist, who paints a lot of male nudes, couples, usually looks like they’re watercolors. He sells them, I know that much. He’s also a runner, posts his times and photos of himself in gear. He’s very hot himself. A young man making it in NYC.








e.santiago23  – kind of your typical super-hot louche medical student from south of the border. Again, check out the nipples! Wide variety of posts from beach to club parties to classroom; I believe he lives in Mexico but is from Puerto Rico, so I also like seeing the backgrounds and his coterie of attractive friends. Also singing – love that about these guys. Doctor, doctor, can you examine me, please?






derek_stone87 — kind of under the radar, don’t know how he showed up on my Instagram but he’s just a very attractive young guy, who has a husband, who might live in Colorado. Takes lots of pictures with pets (dogs esp.) and might be in that (veterinary) profession.






Who are your favorites? I can certainly add more to my feed. Let me know!